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Animal Pak is a unique dietary and pre-workout supplement formulated for high-intensity weight training and powerlifters looking to ramp up their routines!


Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak is a one of a kind supplement consisting of over 60 key and essential ingredients for the bodybuilder seriously looking to get stuck into some hardcore weights sets! 


·      Benefits per Serving – At a Glance

·      Multi-complex nutrient blend

·      Over 60 hard-hitting ingredients for optimum performance

·      Aids the anabolic system


Animal Pak comes in pre-dosed ‘packs’ for measured convenience and includes 11 tablets of performance enhancing goodness with a carefully formulated assortment of vitamins, minerals and EAA’s for earth-shattering pumps. 


Animal Pak is about big doses and big results. Not only is it designed to promote gains and boost energy levels, but it’s also able to put back in what’s lost from the combination of long-term hard dieting and thunderous training sessions.


Maintaining healthy anabolic system development is crucial to keeping you competitive amongst the weightlifting game and ensuring those increased nutritional requirements for a bigger, more powerful body are continuously met. 


Animal Pak helps stimulate your body’s muscle building drive and provides the essential growth support needed for competition-grade results!

This pack may not turn you into an animal, but it definitely allows you to train like one! Step up your training regime while satisfying those nutrient deficiencies with Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak. Order yours today! 


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