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Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition is your complete anabolic hormone stack supplement designed for men approaching a life stage where testosterone production begins to change.


Maximise your workout potential and mass gains with this premium male hormone product as you relive your youth and enjoy the once loved exercise and libido levels you reaped from your 20’s!


Animal Stak provides men with ultra-fast muscle recovery to keep your workout capabilities at optimum levels. And as low test levels start to impact mental and cognitive function, the body begins to scream out for a replacement!


Higher testosterone levels also means you’re in for an improved sex life, healthier looking complexion and a much more aggressive gym performance output all after just a few short weeks of Animal Stak use.


Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition features anti-aging properties as well as improves daily sleep quality helping you look great and making you feel even better!


This unflavoured T-boosting supplement comes in measured, packet-form doses for fast and effective consumption.


Stack on the mass with Universal Nutrition’s Animal Stak and give your body the hormone boost and balance it’s been craving! Order yours today!


Benefits per Serving – At a Glance

·      2.5x the daily recommended Vitamin D dose

·      Source of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6

·      Renowned T-boosting ingredients Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek 

·      Key Ingredients

·      Pro Testosterone Complex with LJ-100

·      Growth Hormone Support – ArginoCarn, SuperSerum and Sustamine

·      Aromatase Combating Complex

·      Hormone Amplifying Blend – AgmaPure, AstaPure and GlycoCarn

·      Restorative Support Complex





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