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It’s simple really, nine essential amino acids with added glutamine, and vitamin B6.


Take your workouts to a whole new level with BSc BCEAA Ultra, the perfect combination of BCAA and EAA elite amino formula.


Building a muscular physique takes more than lifting iron. It takes proper nutrition before and after a workout. Researchers at Body Science (BSc) know this exactly. 


Keeping this in mind, they have come up with an advanced formula that not only contains BCAAs (Branched-chain Amino Acids) but also EAAs (Essential Amino Acids). 


Each 12g serving of this ultimate muscle builder and recovery enhancer delivers a massive 5g of BCAAs, 2g of EAAs, 500mg of L-Glutamine, and 5mg of vitamin B6. 


These powerful ingredients work synergistically to supercharge muscle growth, speed up recovery, and repair damaged muscles. An additional dose of L-Glutamine further reinforces the muscle-building properties. 


Likewise, the generous dose of vitamin B6 gives you a never-ending supply of energy and keeps you at your best both inside and outside the gym. 


BCEAA Ultra has been formulated in a way that enhances the absorption of amino acids so that you do not have to wait long before you hit the gym again. 


Notably, the formula does not contain caffeine or other stimulants. This means you can take it either in the morning or evening without having to worry about your sleep or energy crash.


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