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  • To pack on serious size, you need to consume more energy than you burn. A number of variables need to be factored in, but 3,500 calories per pound of added body weight is a commonly referenced estimate. True hard gainers may need even more. In a world of fast food, finding extra calories isn’t hard. Getting quality, protein-rich calories to back-up your gym time? Now that’s a different story.


    With a killer combo of full-spectrum proteins, eight energizing carb sources, and essential fats, CLEAN GAINER™ is high-octane nutrition (over 560 calories worth) that fuels the intense needs of world-class athletes as well as those who aspire to be. Factor in the no banned substances and it’s a MASSIVE winner.


    ·      560 calories.

    ·      30 g dairy protein blend.

    ·      90 g eight-source complex carb blend.

    ·      Just 8 g of sugar.

    ·      Essential fats from flax, avocado, and sunflower.

    ·      Instantized to mix up quickly, fully, and easily.

    ·      No banned substances – safe for sport.




    Add 2 scoops of CLEAN GAINER™ to a large glass or shaker cup filled with 12-16 ounces of cold water. Stir or shake for a few seconds until powder is fully dissolved. Enjoy. Tip: Replace the water with low-fat milk to boost the calories and protein content. For greater mass potential, try blending in high-energy ingredients like peanut butter, flaxseed. MCT, or olive oil, and/or coconut pieces.




    After workouts or before bed.






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