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EHP Labs Crea-8 (Creatine Monohydrate) is an essential for anyone serious about shifting big weights and performing optimally at high intensity training! Crea-8 will help to improve your strength, endurance and will help to build lean muscle tone. 


What is Creatine?

Creatine is a chain of three amino acids made by the body. The body synthesises and stores creatine in skeletal muscle to provide a fast quick fuel source of energy that doesn’t require oxygen (great for explosive movements). Unfortunately our bodies don’t synthesis and store enough creatine to supply us with much more than a few seconds of energy, this is why we supplement with creatine to increase the amount found in our body and the amounts our bodies can then store! By supplementing with creatine, we can increase muscle creatine stores approximately 20%!


Benefits of Creatine:

·      Increasing Pre-Exercise Creatine Levels

·      Promoting Glycogen Storage

·      Increased Re-Synthesis of creatine in the muscles between sets

·      Increased Strength

·      Improved Recovery


Debunking the loading/bloating myth:

A lot of gym goers worry about loading creatine dosages or getting watery/bloat on creatine. You do not have to load creatine, as you can only store so much at once… it is more important to be consistently taking it. Take 5-10g with your post workout shake, plus added carbohydrate to have optimal uptake of that dosage. Then consistently use for as long as you are following a training program or going to the gym. The water bloat is expected as creatine is stored with water and glycogen (carbohydrates), a slight increase in water in the muscles is normal. But for up to a 20% better performance on strength, recovery and power… it is worth it in our eyes.


Product Highlights: 

·      Easy to mix with liquids, and adds well to other powders (due to being flavourless)

·      100% Pharmaceutical grade, creatine monohydrate

·      Ideal for any athlete at any level trying to improve power and performance


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