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Demo Day Carbohydrate Powder by Axe & Sledge.


Construct a more rounded, built-out body with this dynamic training supplement by Axe & Sledge. This high-grade carbohydrate powder ensures your muscles receive a ferocious, accurate and balanced delivery of the carbs your body craves for massive muscular gains.


Demo Day is a sure-fire contender for being one of the world’s best carbohydrate powders, featuring four remarkably effective ingredients for improved athletic output.


Demo Day boasts 25g of carbohydrates per serve along with a generous dose of Carb10, Cluster Dextrin, Palatinose and Hydromax.


Solid, damaging pumps from a refreshing powdered beverage is what you’re going to receive from yet another quality training aid from a leading supplement brand such as Axe & Sledge.


Demo Day is easily digestible and offers bursts of continuous energy throughout your entire workout bringing out the absolute best of your performance potential.


Like a number of other Axe & Sledge pre-workout varieties, Demo Day Carbohydrate Powder is both stackable and is designed to be taken prior to, during or following a strenuous workout for equally excellent results.


Demo Day Carbohydrate Benefits per Serving – At a Glance

Ultra-potent complex with four patented ingredients
o Packed with a high-quality carbohydrates combo
o Recovery and energy focused super-blend


Demo Day Carbohydrate Key Ingredients

• Carb10™
• Cluster Dextrin®
• L-Taurine
• Glycerol Powder
• Palatinose™
• Cinnamon Bark
• Hydromax

• Alpha Lipoic Acid 


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