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Hydroxyburn Lean5 Protein by Body Science is the newest fat burning protein to be introduced to the BSc gold label series. Hydroxyburn Lean5 has been developed with 5 types of premium quality protein, and digestive enzymes to support  maximise protein absorption and improve satiety levels. Hydroxyburn Lean5 is a low carb and low fat, gluten free supplement containing a complete amino acid profile designed to help you achieve any desired outcomes, whether it be to increase your protein intake, build lean muscle, lose weight or aid with muscle recovery. Hydroxyburn Lean5 is a convenient, easy to use delicious tasting protein which can be used on a daily basis on its own, as a smoothie, snack replacement or post workout supplement.


Key Features

·      High quality protein

·      Boost Metabolisms

·      Increases fat burning

·      Increase lean muscle mass

·      Support Immune system

·      Mood enhancers

·      Contains Digestive enzymes

·      Immunity support

·      Gluten free

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