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BSc Triandrobol Test is a natural testosterone support formula to enhance your muscular strength, libido and stamina, and reduce percentage body fat. Made with quality, research-backed herbals, amino acids, Vitamin K2 and minerals, it’s a great test booster you can rely on.


Key Features

·      Increase androgen levels in the body

·      Increase levels of bioavailable androgen in the body, so more is available to be utilised by the body

·      Enhance sexual desire, male sexual performance and function

·      Improve exercise  performance and the work capacity of muscles

·      Improve strength and muscle gains*

·      Reduce percentage body fat*


Triandrobol by Body Science is a scientifically formulated capsulated supplement designed to help enhance performance, increase libido, improve vitality and maximise daily energy. Body Science Traindrobol is an optimal blend of synergistic herbs designed to get the best out of your body without any negative side effects. Triandrobol will help increase your workout capacity and help you train harder, go longer and perform better!

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